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1. Stewardship

Are you servants of the people? Does your party engage in responsible practices that prioritise the needs of voters or are people in your party in it for themselves. Are you in to serve or serving yourselves? Are you selfless in your service or maximising your returns while in term? These are questions that should be in every politician’s mind. Let us help you start serving. Our program will help your party inculcate a culture of stewardship which with application, will soon differentiate your party from the rest and win you the hearts of voters.

2. Ethics training

Reduce the exposure of party members to corruption by giving them the ethical tools that will enable them refuse to participate in corruption. Create an environment that promotes ethical behaviour. This involves conducting an ethics diagnosis of the party, conducting ethics training of party members, developing, and implementing your ethics adherence strategy, and continuously improving this.

3. Information dissemination

Is your reputation being tarnished? How many times has your party being wrongly accused? Is the media fair to you? Let us ensure that you reputation is based on the truth about your party and not hearsay.

4. Surveys

Find out where your party stands in relation to other parties.

Learn about the factors that determine a voter’s choice for a party. Learn why voters are choosing your party or the competition. Learn about the opinions and attitudes of voters towards your party.

Find out what your communities need. What are their pressing needs.

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