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1. Workforce optimization

• Inculcating solution orientated behaviour through corporate entrepreneurship principles.

Eliminate complacency in government departments by inculcating a solution focused mind-set that will drive performance among government employees thus ensuring adequate service delivery. Increase the work ethic of government employees and create a work environment that unleashes the potential of government employees.

2. Ethics training

Reduce the exposure of government employees to corruption by giving them the ethical tools that will enable them refrain from participating in corruption. Create a work environment that promotes ethical behaviour. This involves conducting an ethics diagnosis of the government department, conducting ethics training of management and staff, developing, and implementing your organizations ethics adherence strategy, and continuously improving this.

3. Surveys

Are you meeting your service delivery targets? Find out from the communities that you serve and let’s help you put measures in place to ensure that you deliver impeccable services to the community.

Aren’t you tired of building white elephants for your community. Don’t you think it is due to your decisions being uninformed by the needs of your communities. We believe that every project should start with a needs analysis. Let us help you understand the needs analysis of your communities.

You want to know the general mood of your workforce, if they are dejected or motivated? Do you want to gauge employee morale and figure out how you can change it? Through this survey, you will be able to answer all these questions and take the necessary remedial action.

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Would you like stay informed with the matters that impact your communities? Below is list of topics where we can conduct informative research that will help you get closer to the needs of the community.

  • Socio economic trends and outlook
  • Societal impact
  • Living standards and others
  • Poverty
  • Crime
  • Health
  • Behavioural

Are you tied down by bureaucracy and red rate that make decision making and acting frustratingly slow. Does your team comprise policy champions who have figured out ways to use policy to delay work and frustrate processes that would otherwise be straight forward? Are your processes fit for the purposes of achieving your goals?

Do you care to collect customer feedback and attend to their complaints. We can collect this information and ensure that you are able to resolve all customer complaints.

You obviously don’t want to go full steam ahead in developing a new product without being informed by unbiased research evidence. Research will help you develop products that will be a hit in the market.

Protests are a symptom of failure. Don’t let the situation deteriorate to the level of a protest because protest leave a string of damages that set you back to a worse situation. Arrest the situation before the community starts protesting. let us help you achieve this through a Pre-protest engagement process and a system to record and deal with community Grievances.

All the info you need to display to the community at the click of a button.