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1. Workforce optimization

Make employees perform beyond the minimal requirements of their job descriptions. Inculcate the entrepreneurial mind-set on employees and enable them to meet and exceed their work deliverables by constantly identifying opportunities to add incremental value. Create a work environment that unleashes the potential of employees.

2. Community responsive corporate conduct

Are you engaging in a tick the box exercise where your CSR activities have no positive and lasting impact on communities? We identify pressing community needs, or among your preferred beneficiaries, and devise projects that will achieve long lasting positive impact. This way we help you make meaningful contributions to the communities that you wish to serve. We collect feedback that can be part of your triple bottom line reporting.

Do you have the right BBBEE partners, and are they able to service you professionally and adequately? Are they struggling to manage their business such that they meet your requirements. We identify the ideal BEE partners for you and improve the performance of your existing ones. We hold their hand and ensure that they are professional, meet all the compliance requirements, and able to provide you with the service you require from them. Let’s help you find the right partners and improve the performance of your existing ones.

3. Research

Are you struggling with employee retention. Do you want to know the general mood of your workforce. Do you want to know if they are pro or against your organization? Do you want to gauge employee morale and figure out how you can change it? Through this survey, you will be able to answer all these questions and take the necessary remedial action.

Do you want to know if your functions are not blotted? Are your departments synced and not working against each other for example, while your sales department is trying to push as much volume as possible, is distribution department not working against this by trying to record the least mileage? We realize that these are meaningful KPI’s but we also realize that they can work against each other. Let us help you find the sweet spot that will align your KPI’s across departments.

Do you want to enter a new market or fully exploit your existing one? Do you want to know the latest market trends and what the market wants. Are you falling behind your competitors? We have a host of surveys that can be tailored to your needs.

Do you want to know if your marketing campaigns are effective. We can give you the answer by collecting and analysing data from your target market.

Have ever wondered where your customers place you in the supplier hierarchy i.e. how do you fare against your competitors, what is your reputation, and how are your products viewed? This is important information that we can provide to you on a regular basis.

Did you just launch a new product and want to know how it is doing in the market? Let us help you find that out.

You obviously don’t want to go full steam ahead in developing a new product without being informed by unbiased research evidence. Research will help you develop products that will be a hit in the market.

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